XCOM: Enemy Unknown


  • Level Designer - Designed 36 XCOM mission locations. 
  • Level Designer - Designed modular asset kits for XCOM's buildings, vehicles, and alien architecture.
  • Combat Designer - Developed classes, weapons, and progression systems for XCOM's soldiers and aliens.
  • Tools and Pipeline Developer - Developed rapid-prototyping tools used by our design team. 

I designed one third of XCOM's missions, developed level design prototyping tools, and collaborated on a wide range of gameplay features.

While designing XCOM missions, I balanced several requirements: The environments needed to feel realistic, while supporting the tactical needs of the game's different soldier types. While normally viewed from above, these spaces also need to provide epic shots for the game's third-person 'hero cam'. Environmental storytelling was also very important: Each mission was designed to show a slice of normal life, in which something (usually an alien attack) has gone horribly wrong.

My contributions also included a set of level design prototyping tools, which let our designers quickly block out playable XCOM missions. I also developed a set of standard, modular kits for the game's vehicles, buildings, and alien architecture.