• Lead Map Designer - Oversaw the development of Dropzone's map content.
  • Mission Designer - Led the development of Dropzone's 'Contracts' feature and tutorial missions.
  • Gameplay Programmer - Developed gameplay features for the in-house (C++) SparkleEngine.
  • Tools Programmer - Developed a suite of in-house map creation tools used by the team.

As lead map designer, I oversaw the development of Dropzone's map content. I designed six new PvP and PvE maps over an eighteen month period. My role involved developing new game mechanics, unit designs, and monetization strategies. I also led the development of Dropzone's quests and missions, including its tutorial content.

In addition to design work, I developed a suite of 3ds max and Photoshop plugins. These automatically generated playable Dropzone maps from a series of user-defined shapes. Such shapes could be easily updated, producing new versions of a map in minutes. These tools allowed us to rapidly prototype map ideas, and formed the basis of our map design pipeline.