Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide


  • Game Designer - Designed Artifact, Marvel, and Quest game features.
  • Lead Quest Designer - Developed 15 branching, narrative quests.
  • Gameplay Programmer - Developed gameplay features in the Civilization V engine.

Rising Tide was a feature-packed expansion for Civilization: Beyond Earth. My contributions include:

The Artifact System: A crafting feature in which players can unearth ancient objects of alien and human origin. Each artifact comes with a narrative description, which expands Civ: BE's lore. These items can also be broken down for precious in-game currency, or researched in groups to unlock unique buildings and units with powerful effects.

The Marvel System: Players can uncover massive, multi-tile landmarks while exploring their planets. A network of mountain-sized fungi might circle the globe. Giant, abandoned, alien cities might float along the horizon. Discovering these 'marvels' of science will trigger epic new quests, which will grant players powerful, game-changing abilities.